Adopting Continuous Compliance for Business

  • Keep up with the ever-shifting security policies 

  • Seamless, quick and inexpensive audit prep

  • Complete visibility of compliance status, making enforcement faster and simpler 

Continuous Compliance with Nexastack 

Achieving Continuous Compliance and Governance

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Continuous enforcement and improved developer experience

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Ensure the organization is meeting IT regulations and standards 

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Reduce the compliance operational cost.

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Automate the Compliance and Governance task.

Automate the Policy Enforcement, Compliance with Best Practices

  • Uses interactive workflows to setup infrastructure with policy as code

  • With declarative policies, update policies without redeploying

  • Eliminate human errors and enforce policies consistency across organisation

  • Unify control and visibility across infrastructure to ensure compliance

Components of Continuous Compliance and Nexastack

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Policy as a Code

  • Enable self-enforcing Policy as Code within your infrastructure using templates

  • Precheck Policies before applying changes.

  • Streamline Infrastructure Audit against Policies.

  • Create Alerts for Policy Deviations with Monthly or Weekly Reports

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Compliance Bundles

  • Bundles are collections of Policies created and managed by NexaStack.

  • Enhance the developer experience by using self-service compliance bundles

  • Geographic-based Standards for Multi-national organisations

  • Create Custom Compliance Bundles for your organization

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