Effective Kubernetes Cluster Management and Application Delivery 

GitOps is an operating model for Kubernetes and other Cloud-Native technologies. In scenarios where you prefer to get your applications deployed on Cloud-Native environments, NexaStack provides you the ability to implement a set of best practices for containerized clusters and applications to unify their deployment, management and monitoring.

Whether it is about using Git as a single source of truth for Kubernetes cluster management and application delivery or maintaining developer-centric experience for application delivery and maintenance, NexaStack proves to be the solution for integrating the GitOps capability with all the required best practices.

02 NexaStack For GitOps Effective Kubernetes Cluster Management and Application Delivery

Harness Powerful GitOps with NexaStack

03 NexaStack For GitOps Icon - Continuous Deployment

Continuous Deployment

With GitOps capability, increase productivity by automating and speeding up the deployment of your application

04 NexaStack For GitOps Icon - Audit Logs

Audit Logs

Convenient audit log of all your cluster changes and improve stability

05 NexaStack For GitOps Icon - Reproducible Rollbacks

Reproducible Rollbacks

Gain stable and reproducible rollbacks thus reducing your mean time to recovery as well

06 NexaStack For GitOps Icon - Convenient Workflows

Convenient Workflows

Consistent end-to-end workflows across your infrastructure and organization

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