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Resource Provisioning

With Nexastack, DevOps and Automation Teams can easily

  • Provision Resources as per the needs
  • Faster time to Setup Infrastructure
  • Implement Tagging on provisioned Resources
Resource Provisioning

Interactive Workflows

Plan, Setup and Implement your infrastructure as code with the Interactive Workflow to support Multiple Automation Framework

  • Connect Islands of Automations using Workflows
  • Save Workflow Pipeline as a Code to the SCM
  • Run Workflows on Hosted Runners Live IAC Logging
Resource Provisioning

Reduce Configuration Drift

Environments are provisioned using automated configurations and pipelines, to maintain uniformity and standardization during the process and decrease configuration drift

  • Workflow as a Code to Prevent Configuration Drift
  • Setup Configuration using Parameters from UI
  • Apply Tagging and Enforce Policies
Resource Provisioning

Multi-Cloud IaC Platform

Add multiple cloud infrastructure to your projects Nexastack supports Multi-Cloud Environments

  • Setup Application Stack
  • Inventory and Credentials Management
  • OnPremises Infrastructure as Deployment Target
Resource Provisioning

IaC Marketplace

IaC Supports Terraform, Ansible; Helm features empower teams to build and provision highly efficient infrastructure

  • Plug and Play modules
  • 100+ Community Supported Automation Modules
  • Onboard your Modules to Market Place
Resource Provisioning

Simplfying Management of
Automation Frameworks

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Single Sign-On

Compatible to work with OAuth, OpenID, and LDAP

Audit Logs Icon

Audit Logs

Audit logs of the platform and all the interactions happened

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Service Level Agreement

99.99% uptime and 52.6 minutes of unplanned downtime per year

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Dedicated Customer Success Manager and Support Portal

Infrastructure Audit

Nexastack creates a source code repository for each Workflow and uses its versioning for Infrastructure audibility

  • Decreased Configuration Inconsistency
  • Git-based Source Code Repository for Infrastructure Management
  • Enforce Policies and Standards
Resource Provisioning

IaC Management for Multiple frameworks

Use Automation Frameworks, currently supports three IaC frameworks with a Roadmap to integrate new structures in the Future

  • Use Existing Automation Framework’s Modules
  • Integrate Containers Packaging Frameworks
  • Workflows Support AdHoc Steps
Resource Provisioning

Reporting and Analytics Dashboard

Nexastack is embedded in Reporting and analytics Data Dumps and APIs are available for IaC to be integrated with any reporting and Analytics Dashboard

  • Simple Integration with Analytics Dashboards
  • Dashboard with Meaningful KPIs for Data-Driven Decisions
  • Effective Monitoring for Cloud Governance
Resource Provisioning


Nexastack provides the creation of workspaces for teams with invitation features

  • Create Dedicated Workspaces with Multi-Tenancy
  • Invite your team to Workspace to Collaborate
  • Fine-Grained Permissions and Roles
Resource Provisioning

Role-Based Access Control

With Nexastack’s streamlined approach to roles and permissions for team members

  • Fine Grained Access Control
  • Enhance Governance and Enforce Policies
  • Increase administrator visibility
Resource Provisioning

Supported Cloud and IaC Frameworks

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