About Team

NexaStack delivers the modern platform for DevOpss
About Team

Who we are is the result of choices we made _

Who we are

We are committed to revolutionize application management and development focusing on easy delivery and maintenance. We see future where all things are possible with no hassle of scalability issues for applications. We are committed to empower developers and IT Operations Managers around the world to chose combinations among what everything is available these days.

What we do

We help reducing application delivery overhead and less effort in developing enterprise-scale applications to run on fully customized infrastructure options. We take care of security challenges in infrastructure so enterprises can focus on mission critical things. We provide enterprises with the monitoring, automation and control to deliver software faster and with less risk.

Our Story

NexaStack started as in-house product of XenonStack Pvt. Ltd. It has evolved through challenges faced by a started while going from zero to production on fully customized infrastrucutre running on MicroServices Architecture on 'On Premises' Cloud Infrastructure. NexaStack is now serving variety of Customers, running Mobile App Development and BigData Workloads on NexaStack.

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