Why DevSecOps Capabilities Assessment?

DevSecOps is a widespread practice, and an increasing number of software development teams are adopting it to enhance efficiency and security. Additionally, the adoption of DevSecOps reduces the friction between teams. This assessment will provide insights into the organization’s current DevSecOps capabilities and the roadmap to improve DevSecOps practices for the organization.

Objectives of DevSecOps Capabilities Assessment?


Complete analysis of current state assessment of DevSecOps Capabilities


A clear roadmap with definite steps to achieve the goals and remediate findings.


Refined and Customized DevSecOps goals developed around organizational vision.

What is DevSecOps Capabilities Assessment measuring?



Assess how is the collaboration between developers and the operations team to implement security.


Culture of Security

Check whether your teams are empowered to create and deliver secured code with the proper knowledge and tools. Have all teams received security education, guidelines, and policies.


Process efficiency

Understand if your processes are efficient enough for visibility across systems. Is there any lack of planning and consideration?


Status of Automation

Assess the level of automation of security operations within your DevOps pipeline.

How can Nexastack help?

Nexastack helps to achieve the DevSecOps Capabilities you want from your current status. Thus enabling faster recovery and increased delivery rate. It helps you automate your DevSecOps pipeline and provide security for your application with best practices.

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