We are NexaStack

Initially we built a DevOps Platform for our in-house projects and Product Development It was a Continuous Delivery and NoOps platform When we started working in a Multi-Cloud environment and various Infrastructure as Code tools with our clients we realised, we needed a platform to manage it all together in a more effective and efficient way, that is how Nexastack was born.

After testing our platform with three clients, we wanted to bring this platform to every enterprise with an IT infrastructure to maintain.

The Pain of Managing IT Infrastructure

We know how costly and time consuming is managing your IT infrastructure In fact, if you bring the topic of scalability and availability or your IT infrastructure, the problem elivates to another level

Thus came in IaC to solve most of the problems But with configuration drift, multiple cloud environments and multiple tools, the problem took a new turn Nexastack, with our IaC platform, aims to change the way IT infrastructure is managed by enterprises with security and compliance at the heart of it. 


We are

With teams working from across the globe, we are agile and believe in “Great Teamwork makes Great Products.”



Our company practices Continuous Experimentation and improvement in every aspect of working.



From engineering to design, marketing to HR we encourage unique ideas and execution.


Innovation Driven

From the first time we all started off with Continuous Delivery and NoOps Platform to today our IaC platform, our teams innovated with passion

Our drive to solve significant pain point of the enterprises with innovation makes us different Our Platform reflects our approach; lean, scalable and adaptable We firmly believe a high performance innovation-driven team like us is part of a continuous improvement process which improves quality and keep ups with changing needs of enterprises