About NexaStack

NexaStack delivers the modern platform for DevOpss
About Us

About NexaStack _

About Us

We Started Nexastack because we know that Digital transformation is the most important shift the way we do business. Technology will Drive the Businesses and Processes . Enterprises need continuous delivery, scalability and agility for their business applications.We are Your trusted partner and Advisor on this journey and determined to build a great company along the way.

What We Do

Nexastack is DevOps and Serverless Computing Platform to build Data-driven applications and Real Time Analytics infrastructure for continous Integration,delivery pipeline with visibility and Security. Nexastack is premier DevOps and Software Company for enterprises & Startups moving to DevOps on AWS, Google, Microsoft , Openstack ,Vmware Cloud platforms.From strategy to operations, NexaStack accelerates end-to-end continuous Delivery Pipeline for application stack and BigData Workloads.Our DevOps adoption program and Platform help you to build continuous delivery pipeline with agility and scalability .

Why us

Founding Team Have diverse and 10+ years of expereince in Managing,optimizing large Networks , Research and developement of the applications.

DevOps Experience _

We are innovating the technology stack with best way to build,define and manage the continuous delivery pipeline .Our DevOps Architects have experience in designing ,optimization and managing the delivery pipelines.

Cloud Experience _

Our Cloud Architects have More than 10 years experience in Designing ,optimization, managed services deployment of IT & Telecom Solutions and Completed over 50+ projects in DevOps,Cloud and BigData since founding in 2014.

DataOps Experience _

With Diverse Big Data workloads, We innovating and defining the best technology stack to do things for batch ,real and streaming Data from different sources.

Vendor Independence _

We Help the Customers to integrate different vendor and technology providers into One Platform for managing the cloud ,integrating different data sources and Building continuous Delivery Pipeline for the applications.

Technology & IP _

From Open-Source & reference architecture we have developed a full suite of tools to accelerates application Delivery and optimize the Cloud cost .The Platform provides you to build Continuous delivery pipeline to solve your business problems more quickly and effectively.

Our Mission

Proactive Agent in dynamic, innovating, transforming world and simplify the IT with design.

Our Vision

Preservance _

We are ambitious, steady & tenacity. We deliver and reach our goals.

Excellence _

Embracing Excellence through innovation learning & agility.

Our Values

Respect _

Building an open, reliable & diverse enviornment, embracing the uniqueness.

Professionalism _

We are transparent, honest & do work with integrity. We take pride in our work.

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