NoOps Platform for BigData & Data Science

Continuous Delivery Platform. Enterprise ready.

Agent Based Architecture

Keeps your data safe on premises.
Execution resides closer to the data.

Dataflows, Not Technologies

Hundreds of integrations.
Let's you focus on data flows.

Modular & Open Platform

Customize to your needs.
Extend / plug-in what you love.

Accelerate Data Driven Application Delivery with visibilty and security using NexaStack Devops Platform.

DevOps and The Art of Secure Delivery Pipeline

DevOps is a process and balanced organisation approach to improve collaboration, communication among development and operation. Redesign and find new ways for faster and Reliable Delivery.

NexaStack for Developers
Self Provision Resources

NexaStack empowers developers to provision infrastructure on their own and build environment to start development rapidly. It helps in breaking wall of confusion between Developers and Sysmins.

Continuous Delivery

Leaner and flexible by providing fast release cycles with the help of Continuous Delivery. Deploy from SCM to Production within minutes with fully automated build pipeline.

NexaStack for Operations
Multi Cloud Support

Integration with multiple cloud platforms at one place by providing abstaction layer between Multi Cloud platform APIs.

Runbook Automation

NexaStack's Auto-Config Management Engine helps reducing operations complexity by providing one place for all runbook execution with support to leading Configuration Management Softwares.

Define Topologies

For a complex software running on multiple techonologies, NexaStack helps defining topologies for applications running on MultiTier as well Microservices.

Harness the Power of MicroServices .

DevOps Nirvana For Technology Stack

It's all about managing and automating the full stack application lifecycle from developer's IDE to Infrastructure in Production with security.

For Beginners

NexaStack Essentials

Needs of a Startup

NexaStack DevOps Essentials Suite provides the continuous integration, Delivery pipeline and Monitoring from Start for a Startup to adopt devOps strategy and culture for Code Management,Build,Deploy and Manage hassle free IT & application Lifecycle Operations. With MicroServices Architecture ,NexaStack DevOps Platform provides flexibility for BigData Infrastructure Deployment and management on Public & Private Cloud.

  • nexastack-security
    Application Lifecycle Management

    Secure application lifecycle at the very start.

  • nexastack-app-lifecycle
    BigData Infrastructure on Microservices

    From developer's IDE to Prodcution Shiptment.

  • nexastack-app-lifecycle
    Continuous Visibility

    From developer's IDE to Prodcution Shiptment.

For DevOps Teams

NexaStack Productivity

Facing issues adopting Devops?

Nexstack DevOps Productivity Suite is best suited for Workloads which are Planning or already on production for continuous Integration ,Delivery Pipeline ,Visibility and Monitoring of the processes.Nexstack DevOps Productivity Suite provides Managed Services for build,Deploy and Manage Continuous Delivery Pipeline with Micro-services architecture.

  • Security Assessment

    Supports for all new Microservices Architecture.

  • Actionable Insights

    Get Insights of whats happening in your system.

  • Self Healing Microservices

    Get Insights of whats happening in your system.

Enterprise Stack

NexaStack Enterprise

High Available and Customisable Solution

Nexastack Enterprise Suite provides Flexibility ,Security and stability for a enterprises application and BiGData Infrastructure to deploy on-premises and Public Cloud with visibility and secure devops delivery pipeline with cognitive insights using Machine Learning and AI . Create a single file for your project to describe the type of machine you want, the software that needs to be installed, and the way you want to access the machine.

  • Cognitive Insights

    Get Complete Analysis of Usage, Logs and Applicaion Processes.

  • On-Premises Deployment

    Get better reporting and visibility realtime processes.

  • Automated Rollouts & Rollbacks

    Get better reporting and visibility realtime processes.

Deploy As You Need

Nexastack devops & Serverless Computing Platform provides flexibility and stability for continuous delivery pipeline deployment securely on public ,private or Hybrid Cloud .Choose the cloud Platform thats suits to your application workload.

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