Unified Management For Audit and Compliance

Deploy, Migrate and Manage cloud resources in Multi-Cloud scenarios. We are continuously working to support more providers.

End to End Automation

Integrated multiple Automation Frameworks and a repository of the Infrastructure as a Code in git-based source code management.

Manage and Secure Distributed Systems,
Cloud-Native and Serverless Applications

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Resource Provisioning

Provide resources according to the requirement and scale with ease.

Workflows Management

Plan and Implement your Infrastructure as Code with the same workflow across multiple cloud providers.

Reduce Configuration Drift

Automated configurations and pipelines, for standardization and decreased configuration drift.

Infrastructure Auditability

Creates a code Git-based source code repository for each workflow facilitating Infrastructure audibility.

Supports Multiple IaC Frameworks

Supports for Terraform, Ansible, Helm features to empower teams to build and provision highly efficient Infrastructure.

IaC Registry

Connect ready-made modules to configure in the workflows.

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Human-Centric Approach to Automation

Enterprises minimize issues at deployment, safety prospects and decrease configuration drift with nexatsack.


Complete Automation Solution for Enterprise

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Private ( on premises )

Pricing per workplace per year

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Starting at $5 per workspace for month

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Service Providers

Custom pricing is available.

Supported Cloud and IaC Frameworks

Link Solutions that Power your Business

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