NoOps Platform for BigData & Data Science

Continuous Delivery Platform. Enterprise ready.

Agent Based Architecture

Keeps your data safe on premises.
Execution resides closer to the data.

Dataflows, Not Technologies

Hundreds of integrations.
Let's you focus on data flows.

Modular & Open Platform

Customize to your needs.
Extend / plug-in what you love.

New & Traditional Applications

NexaStack supports your entire custom application portfolio. Rapidly build, deploy, run, and manage cloud native, microservices, and container-based .NET and Java applications or modernize traditional workloads.

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Developer & IT Ops Automation

NexaStack gives your developers self-service access to the tools they need to rapidly build applications, while IT operators can very easily orchestrate the environments and workflows. Enterprise IT becomes a true service provider.

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Private & Public Clouds

NexaStack is a single platform spanning your multiple data- centers and clouds. Run NexaStack on-premise or consume it as a managed service on the public cloud; both with the assurance of complete infrastructure independence.

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Policy & Security

NexaStack enables policy-driven control over all of your application workloads infrastructure utilization and DevOps processes. Define the appropriate policies once and NexaStack automates enforcement every time; even down to network level.

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Integrations & Add-Ons

NexaStack is built on the foundations of open source Kubernetes and offers a growing list of out-of-the box integrations and powerful service add-on capabilities. Use what you have now and what you want in the future without the risk of lock-in.

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Accelerate Application Delivery with Monitering & Observability using Deep Learning & AI

Nexastack NoOps Capabilities

NexaStack NoOps PlatformCapabilities

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  • Self Provision Resources
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Runbook Automation
  • Multi Cloud Support
  • BigData Infrastructure on Microservices
  • Continuous Visibility
  • Continuous Visibility
  • Security Assessment
  • Actionable Insights
  • Self Healing Microservices
  • Self Services Ops & Dev Portal
  • Cognitive Insights
  • On-Premises Deployment

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NoOps Platform for BigData & Data Science. Continuous Delivery Platform. Enterprise ready.



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Application Modernization using Deep Learning from Monolithic to Cloud Native

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Nexastack devops & Serverless Computing Platform provides flexibility and stability for continuous delivery pipeline deployment securely on public ,private or Hybrid Cloud .Choose the cloud Platform thats suits to your application workload.

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