Reliable Pipelines and Better Products 

Release Engineering focuses on the compilation and delivery of source code into a finished product. It has become a required practice in software engineering nowadays. Build fast and reliable pipelines that could transform your source code into a usable product and incorporate the best practices of DevOps from easier configuration management to faster builds and deployments to multi environment management. Choose NexaStack for an efficient release engineering process with all the required best practices .

02 Nexastack for Release Engineering Reliable Pipelines and Better Products

Efficient Release Management Process with NexaStack 

03 Nexastack for Release Engineering Configuration Management

Configuration Management

Easily handle very simple to very crucial configuration management through infrastructure as code

04 Nexastack for Release Engineering Best Practices

Best Practices

Quickly deploy applications with the required infrastructure with best practices

05 Nexastack for Release Engineering Supports Multiple Environments

Supports Multiple Environments

Easily setup and manage multiple environments for the product as per the requirement

06 Nexastack for Release Engineering Speed and Agility

Speed and Agility

Experience immense increase in application deployment, environment provisioning and configuration speed

07 Nexastack for Release Engineering No Configuration Drift

No Configuration Drift

Ensure uniformity throughout the whole deployment and delivery process, and remove the risk of configuration drift there would be no room for human errors

08 Nexastack for Release Engineering_08 Application Management and Security

Application Management and Security

Ensure quality and security of the resulting application by speeding up bug fixing through paper and easier configuration management with best practices

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