Design and Deploy 

Do not need to agonize over the deployment challenges anymore. You can design templates for the deployment of your infrastructure as per the needs and commit them to the integrated SCM tool. Whether the infrastructure needs to be setup on any of the cloud platforms namely GCP, AWS or Azure; or on a hybrid environment including both private and public cloud; or only on an on-premises environment; Nexastack proves to be the best choice for such a use-case.



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Accelerate your Hybrid Multi Cloud Strategy
with NexaStack 

03 Hybrid and Multi Cloud Environments-Icon-Public Cloud Management

Public Cloud management

Conveniently Manage, setup and deploy on different public cloud environments through a single platform

04 Hybrid and Multi Cloud Environments-Icon-Version Control

Version control

Maintain all your source code and configures for your infrastructure setup on different cloud services via a single platform

05 Hybrid and Multi Cloud Environments-Icon-Holistic View

Holistic view

Consolidated and Comprehensive view of your Hybrid Multi Cloud Environments

06 Hybrid and Multi Cloud Environments-Icon - on-Premises Support

On-Premises support

Use the on-premises environment within the physical confines of your organization for the infrastructure setup and provisioning

07 Hybrid and Multi Cloud Environments-Icon- Kubernetes Enabled

Kubernetes Enabled

If you are using kubernetes, you can easily lift and shift your workloads and even switch between different cloud providers seamlessly

08 Hybrid and Multi Cloud Environments-Icon- Navigate Hybrid Environment

Navigate Hybrid Environment

Achieve flexibility of even using a hybrid environment where you can combine your private cloud with other public cloud services

IaC Tools and Comparison

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